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Detective and security agency "Alpha and Omega" provides a full range of services to ensure the safety and security of facilities for legal entities and individuals. The professionalism and experience of serving in law enforcement agencies made it possible for 10 years to become one of the most successful security companies in Kyrgyzstan.
Ensuring the safety and security of the facilities, property, life and health of the client with the help of certified employees.
Ensuring the security of the protected person by escort.

The Quick Response Group is equipped with special equipment (bulletproof vests) and firearms for quick response to an alarm from a guarded object.
Alpha and Omega provides a full range of security services for its customers throughout Kyrgyzstan:
Ensuring the safety of the facility using technical means of protection (alarm) for transmitting an alarm to the Quick Response Group in case of danger.
Ensuring safe and confidential collection and transportation of cash between organizations and their units.

A complex of detective services, including a search for various information on civil, administrative and criminal cases, covert surveillance, etc.
Ensuring the safety of the facility using the button to call the operational detachment of the QRG to the scene

A complex of legal services, including consulting of transactions, resolution of disputes and conflicts, preparation of legal documents, representation of interests in court, etc.
Ensuring the safety of the transportation of cargo and its contents with the help of armed guards at a special vehicle.


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Many years of experience in providing security for more than 500 facilities, including international organizations and state strategic facilities, have taught us to take a responsible and serious approach to protecting the life and property of clients.
All our guards are trained at the Alpha and Omega Training Center and are armed with combat, traumatic firearms, equipped with body armor and helmets of the 2-5 protection category and special equipment.
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Quick Response Teams located in all districts of Bishkek and the regional centers of Kyrgyzstan arrive at the scene as soon as possible, thereby ensuring an effective response to the danger.
Our company works on the principles of an individual approach to each client in matters of the cost of security services, and also provides bonuses and discounts to regular customers.
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Detective and security agency
"Alpha and Omega"
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